Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dabbang 2 Movie Review

Want to know what Dabangg 2 is all about? Back to the revision of Dabangg, read it again. There is not much difference, to be exact... In Dabangg, Chulbul Pandey falls in love Rajjo (Sonakshi Sinha), marries, In Dabangg 2 Rajjo is pregnant, loses her child and is pregnant again. The rest are the same, there's just a new villain Prakash Raj forget that look intimidating.

The film is not bad, but at the same time, it is not impressive as the first part. It seems that the director worked to keep the film falls rather focus on doing better than Dabangg. It is therefore not surprising that we have the same Rajjo cholis (Sonalshi Sinha), his immense plateau, like the back exposed, revised half-brother Makki (Arbaaz Khan) and the family scene, which would give you diabetes Rajjo make rotis and said to his father-in-law (Vinod Khanna) he eats less.
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The conflict does not seem to point at all, but a few cases thrown in... As the man was killed want to be a witness in court, the marriage ended, the child was abducted, and police woman loses her child. In addition, we all know Chulbul Pandey will never hurt, so why should the public feel any twisting or culmination of history. Rajjo itself does not show his anxiety when the baby dies, but Chulbul be emotional. He wipes a tear off and made a promise that he will ensure that all those responsible for miscarraige his wife can not produce babies in the future.

Chulbul Pandey in Kanpur, where everyone lives in a radio broadcast in his favor, and Prakash Raj is gunning for his life Chulbul killed his brother. Arbaaz his company debut as director plays a very safe, and there is no risk. Dabangg 2 shows a framework for imitation and no punchlines either. Mobile humor, father and son, who is supposed to look like a link is unlikely to raise laughs. Mahie Gill and Roman Nirmala Makki is lack luster. Picturisation song is bad.
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You can not be a film without Salman Khan tearing his shirt and showing her breasts. Whatever the problem is, and the same old dance, Dabangg also people who like the formula, but it is probably the filmmaker has no plan; he just wanted to make money by cashing in on the success of the first part.

Dabangg 2 ends as an ordinary, routine Hindi film, its Telugu project. Since this is what most directors do Telugu, fill the empty space, and require the script. Praksh Raj has never been so bad; in fact he seemed lost in Bollywood. Writing is an old-school, and what is more conspicuous than the rest Salman is a formal dress and hanging his chips back of his shirt is nice.

The script here means a song, scene, followed by a song. In each meeting, Salman said: "Aatha hun." I hope he does not say that again raises the expectations of the third party.