Monday, February 6, 2012

Chronicle Movie 2012

Since the breakout success of 1999, The Blair Witch Project, found footage film became a sub-genre in itself. In a vein similar to Blair Witch, the series Paranormal Activity has found great financial success with their relatively meager budgets, and Cloverfield in 2008 proved that even on a large scale, aesthetics handycam sensations can provide effective when used by filmmakers who have a solid understanding of style

Josh Trank is a chronic evolution of the genus found footage, using the character as a cameraman for the vanity of interesting new places, and marking the director as a young talent worth following.

Chronicle differs from its predecessors like Cloverfield in that these images handyman is not presented as "found" in itself, but rather a stylistic and narrative choice that puts a refreshing spin on an original story greatly exaggerated: the origin of super hero. After encountering a strange glowing object in a cave deep underground, high school students Andrew (Dane DeHaan), Matt (Alex Russell) and Steve (Michael B. Jordan) find they have telekinetic powers that allow them to move objects with their minds.
Chronicle Movie
Chronicle Movie 2012
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Matt believes that the powers to be like a muscle, which can be strengthened through training, and possibly after the start of the trio of small build superhuman strength and, to their great joy, the ability to fly. The special effects betray a budget on time, but the initial sequences are breathless flight entertainment, and the pure joy of the characters makes them more effective than most mega-budget blockbusters. These are intended for regular children, and although the story loses focus as the scale increases towards the climax, the opening scenes are surprisingly authentic and touching.

But make no mistake, this is an origin story (one that does not necessarily beg for a sequel though), and Trank and his co-writer Max Landis (son of John Landis) use the visceral, in -your-face nature of found footage to give life to a genre that came perilously close to wear out its welcome in the last decade.
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As is the case with almost all science fiction, much can be read in the Chronicle of what happens on the surface. Apart from the excitement of flying and fighting on, there is a very human story real work, with many triumphs of teenage life and tragedy. Trank and Landis clearly paid their own experiences in the film, with three son seemed like people for years everyone from high school.

There is also a nice element of self-reflexivity as Andrew, an unpopular misfit, uses his camera to be definite, and how he notices the world. The old adage about writing what you know appears to ring true in the case of the Chronicle, see Andrew and study to shift his camera in more ways thanks to its active new powers may be start the least index Trank's autobiography. The film is packed with subtle phases like this that will possibly be missed by most, but happily Chronicle basically taking at face value is a satisfying experience, which proves that the original story superheroes n is not dead, it just takes a good shake from time to time.