Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bad Teacher Movie 2011

Elizabeth Halsey (Cameron Diaz) has somehow ends up as a school teacher in his life when all she wants to do is get a man with a lot of money that can support herself. With her former boyfriend after working on the truth and landing, Elizabeth has to return and teach for another year at school, much to his frustration. Not only did it to teach children but also to keep the principal (John Michael Higgins) and Goody two shoes teacher Amy Squirrel (Lucy Punch) from his back while all the time pushing the gym teacher Russell (Jason Segel) of advances.

Things begin to search for and then when she finds out the new alternate teacher Scott Delacorte (Justin Timberlake) is sitting on a family fortune. But Elizabeth has contest from more energetic / Amy emotionally wobbly, therefore sets about getting money for a boob job that will make sure Scott and his money. Confrontations get even more extreme when Elizabeth discovers that there is a cash prize for the teacher who achieves the highest academic results.
Bad Teacher Movie 2011
Timberlake shows once again that it is more relevant in the role as a dorky geek with transitions to the screen much more impressive than some other pop star players want to be there. During the film, there was a time when I thought they were going to sing properly, but luckily, he knows how to rip on himself very well. I'm still not sure that most of its laughs from the fact that the public knows it's Justin Timberlake and he does weird things or if it's because of his character. I am inclined to say the old but still got the laughs.
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Others have done their job but nobody impressive failures either. Unique glory goes to Phyllis Smith who plays Professor Lynn a shy person who is always pressed around and that Segal's show earned screen time. He also would not be a movie if Diaz was not a point at which she lost a few layers, and in spite of being just under four O, she knows exactly how to remove a scene car wash.
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The Soundtrack of the movie is awesome. It well-matched with the mood and gave the feeling that was apparent from plots or Punch Diaz was on the screen.   

Bad Teacher impressed more than I thought it was going over with a mixture of the characters that play out over each well and recoil admirable moments more principal the way in issues of laughter. Of course there were some jokes that did not really make the cut for me and return to toilet humor emerged a couple of times, but these cases are few and far between. It is certainly better than the long list of mediocre comedies that have been shown so far this year (Hall Pass, Part II Hangover, the dilemma) and is certainly worth a watch.