Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Chronicles of Narnia 3:The Voyage of the Dawn Traders

The Chronicles of Narnia 3 -The Voyage of the Dawn Traders Review- The third Narnia film your favorite series released in cinemas in India, with many promises. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Traders is based on the fantasy novel by CS Lewis.The leading cast of the movie are Ben Barnes, Skandar Keynes and Georgie Henley.This fantasy movie is directed by Michael Apted.

In the third film, the youngest child Edmund and Lucy return to Narnia together with their cousin Eustace intolerable. Thus, Skander Keynes and Georgie Henley start their adventure on the high seas and Dark Island.
The third film gives you all the fun you expect from a movie Narnia. The average Eustace will be seen to find its noble side and giving you another lesson in morality. The special effects used in the film are worth watching and you will take you to a world of fairy tales.
It keeps your level of interest intact with 3D effects and call the fire dragon. However, it will be surprised at how reluctant Eustace proves to be a true hero in the end. He fought bravely and evil creatures of the sea snakes.
However, Aslan and the White Witch average have not seen much action and it may be due to their increasing age. This does not affect the charm of watching the film on weekends.

Band Baaja Baaraat Movie

Band Baaja Baaraat Review-It is a new Bollywood film in Hindi directed by Maneesh Sharma. You'll see new aspect of wedding planning in the Indian Band Baaja Baaraat film. The film releases on December 10, 2010 the same date movie No Problem.

Ranveer Singh Bittoo Sharma Anushka Sharma and Shruti Kakkar as are the main casts band Baaja Baaraat film. Producer of the film is Aditya Chopra.
Official site of the band Baaja Baaraat film - www.bandbaajabaaraat.com, writes about the synopsis of the film, "Shruti (Anushka Sharma) is a girl 20-something of a no-nonsense middle-class household Delhi. Focused and determined planned with the ambitions and objectives in life are well prepared when it reaches its final year of college.
Bitto (Ranveer Singh) on the other hand, has no real purpose in life. As a final year student of Delhi University, he whiles away his life playing with his friends, barely scraping through his exams.
A chance encounter and inappropriate (or as you call it, fate) brings the two together in a tumultuous journey that they become partners in their own "wedding planning bijness ka." The rules are clear, however. "Jisse vyapaar karo, Kabhi usse pyaar na karo "(Do not mix business with pleasure).
Together, their friendship and business between the highs and lows of lavish weddings Delhi. And while trying to find Shruti Bitto and discover each other and realize that in the course of their journey, unke ke khuda ki bajegi mark rules! "
Band Baaja Baaraat is a first film that changes our concept of wedding planning. The film presents a new aspect of wedding planning in Indian families. You will really enjoy because it's a romantic love story based on the wedding planning. The film is set in Delhi. Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma represent the celebration of youth through the film. It is a good movie like Rocket Singh film.

Tees Maar Khan Movie

Tees Maar Khan Review-Tees Maar Khan is a new Bollywood film directed by Farah Khan. The film is starring with Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif in lead roles. Tees Maar Khan film released in cinemas 24th December 2010.
Akshay Kumar as Tabrez Mirza Khan, Katrina Kaif and Akshaye Khanna as Anya that Atish Kapoor are the main casts of Tees Maar Khan 2010 film. Twinkle Khanna, Shirish Kunder and Ronnie Screwvala is the film's producers. Music Tees Maar Khan 2010 the film was composed by Vishal-Shekhar and Shirish Kunder.
Official website of T-shirts Maar Khan Hindi movie - www.teesmaarkhan-thefilm.com, writes about the synopsis of the film, "Once in a blue moon is a great criminal-born, who is without fear and without shame! Now is the blue moon is the great criminal and Tees Maar Khan. Steals cons and tips with all boldness so alarming that even shame eludes him! He and his band made up of Dollar, and Soda Burger managed to keep the policy, worldwide, on their toes. Then one day old international smugglers, Brothers Johri, assign Tees Maar Khan BIGGEST CON JOB OF HIS LIFE! must steal antiques worth 500 rupees crore a moving train heavily guarded! Is Khan and his merry band, with the support of his involuntary wannabe-actress girlfriend, Anya, and a Bollywood superstar drawing power hungry greatest heist history? "
TMK is known as the short name for Tees Maar Khan movie. This is the most popular comedy of the year in box office. Akshay Kumar is back with a very positive attitude and looking very new, after the action film and film Housefull Replayy.

Tees Maar Khan film has received the greatest success with a song of the day - "Sheila Ki Jawani". But film critics are not very positive. It was considered very poor. Movie reviews Tees Maar Khan are not very satisfactory. Despite this, the public wants to see the movie once for unique looks of Akshay Kumar and a song element "Sheila Ki Jawani". If you want to watch Tees Maar Khan movie, beware of Tabrez Mirza Khan for your pets.