Tuesday, December 29, 2009

3 Idiots Movie Review

Director : Rajkumar Hirani
Release Date : 25 December 2009
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance
Cast : Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Boman Irani, Rajeev Ravindranathan, Akhil Mishra, Mona Singh, Pitobash Tripathy, Aakash Dabhade, Rahul Kumar

Casting in 3 Idiots 2009:
Aamir Khan ..... . Rancho
Kareena Kapoor .... .. Pia
Madhavan ... Farhan Qureshi
Sharman Joshi .... .. Hari
Boman Irani ..... . Viru Sahastrabudhhe
Promises are fulfilled, Expectations are met. Now... I can breathe normal now. That Aamir has delivered it 3rd time in a row. Yes, its a hattrick. After Tare Zameen Pai and Ghajini, this is yet another movie that makes you feel 'What a Movie !!'. What a movie. A full on experience of trademark Rajkumar Hirani's own style masala movie. 3 Idiots is undoubtedly the Best of 2009.

No doubt traces of Munna bhai series are there. And that is for sure. Cause its Raju's movie after all. But neither it hurts nor it disappoints. The sequences are not intended to be repeated in the movie but the story demands them. Moreover, big relief is that, Raju and Abhijat Joshi - the writer duo -has taken only bits from the novel and whenever he has done that, it is done exactly same what's written in the book.

Nowhere he has tried to change that. On the other side, most of the storyline is developed differently than the original, that too runs smoothly. Full marks to the writing department. Its the strongest point always, in Hirani's movies. 3 Idiots belongs to both-Raju and Abhijat. Its always tough to visualize the books. And with 3 Idiots, one thing is for sure - Vidhu Vinod Chopra is THE guy who can do that. 

One thing Raju has mastered is his art of mixing humour with emotions. [I know it is said a thousand time]. There is never a dull moment in the movie. Yet it makes you cry at so many places. In certain scenes, it makes you so happy that your tears of happiness starts flowing. Performance wise, the movie is flawless. Each and every actor is in their best form. Even the smallest cameos are so good. Everything is said about Aamir till now for each of his movie. I fear I need to learn other languages to praise him more and more day by day. Sharman and Madhvan are perfect. The RDB magic comes alive again with the three 'idiots'. Kareena Kapoor charms you as Medical student & daughter of Viru Sahastrabudhdhe - Head of the college. A surprising performance comes in form of Chatur - played by Omi. He's a bookworm who can go at any length to make his marks top the list.

Music is really well integrated. Just loved picturisation of Zoobi Doobi and Behti Hawa sa... which features spectacular cinematography [Muraleedharan C.K.]. Shimla has never looked so beautiful and so is the picturesque Ladakh. Everything is so vibrant and colorful.
I wont go much blah blah now. Will stop here and shout - 'Go For it !!!' . You can't afford to miss the most entertaining movie of the year............and oh, don't forget to get shocked at Superb 'Kahani Mein Twist' at Intermission.

Ok, lastly something reminded me. Its in the air that This is not best of Aamir, blah blah. But hey, when has he promised that? Here its the promise of Raju Hirani - to deliver a full on 'MOVIE' to entertain us. And it DOES, and how !! 

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rocket Singh Movie Review

The prefix Rocket to Singh in the film’s title, I suspect, has appeared from the usage ‘rocket science’. I’m not certain though, how that line — “This isn’t rocket science” — one of the top 10 irritating phrases in the language, according to an Oxford research, gained such popular currency in our times. 
 Young Harpreet (Ranbir Kapoor, astonishingly sincere) calls his underground company Rocket Sales Corporation, mainly because at his current workplace, all his colleagues hate him. And they constantly aim ‘paper planes’ at his desk. The new recruit ratted on a corrupt client. He lost the company a contract, and raised for his team their short-term targets.
Theirs is a computer assembling company. Harpreet, 21, fresh out of Mumbai University, with a 39 per cent in B. Com, is possibly their worst salesman. CAT (for an MBA degree) was an option beyond his academic reach. A cold-caller’s sales job is possibly the lowest in the corporate food chain. He fails here too.
Humiliated by his seniors — a group with toothy smiles and wily smarts — Harpreet turns into an office mutineer of sorts.

Given the thick Punjabi twang in general at this workplace, the firm, like the film, could have well been placed in New Delhi’s Nehru Place. Mumbai appears an afterthought to the location. The filmmakers largely get the cubicle atmosphere right though: office bickering, cut-throat politics, detracting egos, “get-togethers”. The setting makes for a realistic, low-budget genre of its own: rarely used in our cinema. 

The last decent Indian film I can recall of the office space would probably be Prakash Belawadi’s unknown Stumble (2003; Ananth Nag, Suhasini). Americans of course have had their incredible Glengary Glenn Ross, or even Boiler Room (both must-watches). The film’s protagonist and their work-zone remain central to such plots.

And there is an alluring everyman quality to this character Harpreet. He never understood numbers in school. He can barely fathom their significance in salesmanship. Since he proverbially never let school interfere with his education, he can still see humans beyond competitors. He also figures that honestly creating and sharing wealth is the finest premise behind startups and successful enterprises. These values, it is evident, serve capitalism well in the long-run.

Harpreet gets screwed for the time being. He used his office infrastructure and workmates to start a rival to his own firm.
Throughout, narrating his story, the screenwriter with a keenly observant eye (Jaideep Sahni) doesn’t tinker with basic tenets. There is an obstacle in every scene, the point or purpose of which is completely transparent. Like Shimit Amin’s Chak De India, this is an under-dog film.
Yet, the director keeps things minimalist and subtle to the point of dulling cinematic appeal sometimes. This is what hardcore mainstream wallahs will call, for lack of a better description, a “slow film”. It also comes without any songs. Sure, the pitch is low. The payback is sweetly satisfying for sure.
You’d much rather stick with this rare Rocket, than an yearlong racket that goes on in the name of filmmaking in Mumbai. Harpreet’s unique honesty in a sales firm goes well in the context of this film within Bollywood itself!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Paa Movie Review and Wallpapers


Paa Movie Preview

'Paa' starring 'Abhishek Bachan, Amitabh Bachan, Paresh Rawal and Vidya Balan in the lead casts has increased the curiosity among the viewers to know about the storyline of the movie.

Highlights of this movie:

Big B is playing the role of a son, while his son ‘Abhishek’ is playing the father`s role
Big B will appear in a phenominal look, which is sure to drag many viewers to the theatre.
Movie lovers are quite excited to watch both father (Amitabh) and son (Abishek) in the same movie.

The story is about a 13 year old boy who suffers from Progeria a terminal disease. A deep research has been done about this disease. Kids affected by this problem become bald and their veins are shown prominently on their heads which enlarge to a size beyond normal. Their teeth and eyes are also affected because of this disease. Big B has to stick many pieces of clay to get the exact look on his face and spent more than 4 hours for make up and cannot eat or drink once the make up is done and also shaved off the hair on his head and hands so that the veins will be clearly seen. It is also that he cannot move even an inch once the make is done.

The movie potrays about a father and son relationship
Stephen Dupuis who did Robin William`s make up in Mrs.Doubtfire has been roped in as a make up artiste to give a phenomenal look to Big B.

Music is composed by Ilayaraaja and Paa is produced under Amitabh Banner AB Corporation and also stars his son Abhishek

Paa will hit the screens on December 4th 2009

Quite interesting isn`t it ? Don`t miss to watch 'Paa' on the silver screen

Friday, December 4, 2009

Tum Mile - Movie Review

Tum Mile - Movie Review

What strikes the most in Tum Mile is the way in which a love story is told against the backdrop of a natural calamity. What fails to cut an edge, however, is how the calamity itself, the 26/7 deluge of Mumbai in 2005, has been depicted. The fateful day when the maximum city sank under waist-deep water, when thousands of aam Mumbaikars were stranded between hell and high water, has not been recreated to the most bone-chilling effect. But then, ‘Tum Mile’ never claimed to document the calamity. At its core, the film is a love story, and at that level it surely does work. The film tells the story of two estranged lovers who meet again after a gap of six years amidst a natural disaster. Sanjana (Soha Ali Khan) and Akshay (Emraan Hashmi) bump into each other on a plane to Mumbai. The two share a past which neither seems to have forgotten and as the evening ticks on they find themselves stuck in the middle of a flooded Mumbai. The narrative keeps slipping into flashbacks to create a parallel track of how the two fell in love and then fell apart. In Cape Town, Akshay, an art student living hand to mouth, fell for a rich girl, Sanjana. The yawning gap between their social standing didn’t prevent the two from falling in love and living in together. But soon the cracks in the relationship began to appear as Sanjana foot the basic bills of the house, while an out-of-work Akshay twiddled his thumbs and grappled with his male abhimaan of being a liability on Sanjana. A separation inevitably follows. Six years later, as the two stick together to navigate a flooded city, will they rediscover their lost love?

After his directorial debut Jannat, director Kunal Deshmukh weaves another love story that pulls a few strings at heart. Jumbling up the two contrasting tracks - one in the scenic Cape Town (beautifully captured by Prakash Kutty's camera) and the other in a deluged Mumbai - he spins a moving yarn that never lets your interest wane during the two and quarter hours of the movie’s running time. Pritam’s hummable tunes are added bonus.
But it is the lead pair of Emraan and Soha that impress the most with their nuanced performances. Bringing a certain edge to his character without ever overplaying it, Emraan does fine as Akshay, while Soha lends a sophistication to her Sanjana, a shade of which retains in the character even in the moments of panic.

The special effects may be tacky and the film at times resorts to obvious clich├ęs like the hero saving a kid or the images of human chains, water-logged roads et al. But at its heart, ‘Tum Mile’ is a touching love saga worth the price of a ticket

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

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