Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cracks Movie 2011

Cracks Movie Review:There is a bunch of difficulty mounted on a routing function first. Your first film may possibly be a calling card you utilize for the rest of your career; or rather you conceal in a closet and a defense by declaring immaturity. In cracks, Jordan Scott has developed a film that is not a calling card for life, but shows signs of real potential.

Located in a residential school for the 1930 school OSA dive consists of its most revered group of girls. But if everyone looks up to them, the team is completely enamored with their coach, Mrs G (Eva Green), a woman they believe to be the experience of the world when she entertains them with stories of his travels. Of all the girls, Di (Juno Temple) the best diver of the team, closer to Mrs. G, but its position is challenged when a beautiful Spanish aristocrat named Fiamma (Maria Valverde) arrives at school and steals all of Mrs. G, the participant's attention.

Although crack is certainly fraught with great young talent, it is green, putting on a clinic quality. Ms. G is a beautifully complex character with a dark secret and Green hits every note with gusto. In the movie, she gets to play several characters, the storyteller theater strict coach, and agoraphobic anxiety, but his transitions are so well done that it never shakes or unbelievable.
But as impressive as Ms. G, the character of the changes involved may be, history, and, by proxy, the characters struggle under the same sword. Much of the field centers on the dive team, the participant's reluctance to accept Fiamma as one of their own, but their relationship with her flip-flops, so it is difficult to follow exactly what they think of him. At one point the team packs up all his belongings and pushed the doors, and only a few minutes later, welcomed his return with open arms. Di scold his teammates want to associate with Fiamma, and then, all are best friends, partying together. If the script were never to explain the reasons for such sudden changes of heart, it would be different, but the scenes of contrasting emotions are fitted together so closely that the public remains confused.
As a director Jordan Scott demonstrate his promise. Girls dives practice scenes are beautifully shot, capturing the beauty of sport. A scene where girls go out for midnight swim is the most amazing, a mixture of dazzling blue light with some amazing undersea photography. A few steps from the water are more subtle, but they only serve to strengthen those who are not.

Although the story has its inconsistencies Scott, Senior Participant as a director feature shows flashes of potential. Supported by a tour of exquisite Eva Green and solidified by his young cast, cracking is a beautifully photographed, well done, period film ultimately flawed.

Battle Los Angeles

Battle Los Angeles Review:Battle: Los Angeles begins by pushing us right into the action. A platoon of Marines in a chopper braces, under heavy fire from unknown forces. A glance at the back shows a scene of mass destruction, fire rained from the sky, chaos all around. For a few moments right there, the movie seems that it is on track. Then, the changes of history, flashing back to 24 hours later, before the inevitable alien invasion, when all the characters we're about to see the battlefield just happened to Stand around delivering monologues that tell the public everything you need to know about their personal lives. Yeah, that's what kind of action movie.

They threw in this flashback to trick you into thinking this movie has real character development, but it does not work. At best they have created some cliche stereotypes. He's the guy to retire, the virgin, who marries a soldier, and so on. It is all pretty thin and, worse, none of this matters. When the battle's heroes Los Angeles are in the midst of battle, they will all be reduced to shapes even shallower and you start to think of them as the one with glasses, Italian, the guy who is a kind of dick, the girl, and Aaron Eckhart. Aaron Eckhart, who, in one of the most unintentionally ironic script, pretty much sums up the whole movie in ending one of his monologues clumsy character building, waving his hand in the air and say, but did more important. "He's right, it does not work.

Good action movies develop their biological characteristics in the heat of battle or in the middle of the fight. Star Wars does not tell us the story of Han Solo during his life opening scene at the Cantina de Mos Eisely. It makes no sense. No one approaches a stranger and said, "Hi, I'm Han Solo. I am from Corellia, I like long walks on the beach, sunsets, and I am a big fan of Two and a Half Men. My mom bought me a parakeet when I was eight, but I really wanted a dog. "We got to know what Han was about when he was blasting around the Millennium Falcon, frightening the entire battalions of Storm Troopers with nothing but bravado. Battle: Los Angeles is not good enough to do that, and if it is not good enough or smart enough to cope with his characters in a way that makes no sense, so I hope you've assumed it's a bit clueless when it comes everything else too.
Battle Los Angeles
What works in this company lost? It is attention-grabbing style, similar to a movie totally alien invasion told from the perspective of a small group of Marines stranded behind enemy lines. The mission that takes our hero there, of course, does not make much sense. Your whole world is in flames while being attacked by hordes of hostile invaders, and how the military to respond? They lose a dozen of their best soldiers for a suicide mission to save two or three, probably already dead, irrelevant civil miles behind enemy lines. Yeah, that makes sense. But if you can ignore the reason why there is fun to be with Aaron Eckhart led the team to prowl around the building and operation of their fear of creature’s faceless mind shoot them in the distance. The film does a good job of building tension too, or would be if you were at every one of those that is increasing tension around.
Battle Los Angeles Review
Individual action sequences are well staged, although designed in a way that the film has probably saved a lot of money on the budget since the foreign soldiers are almost never seen up close, and always represented a step further, hiding behind things and shooting at enemies of man. Yet there are tensions. It is motivating scenes, the characters move the plot, which falls flat. The soundtrack of the movie is exciting.

Battle: Los Angeles is the kind of movie that ends with a defeat of the enemy by blowing up a magic thing that can hurt them and is ideally unsupervised scenarios. And even that feels tacked on, throws at the end because someone realized that they had spent the whole movie to roam around the suburb and had not actually delivered on the big set pieces. Well, there is one, maybe you even enjoy it, despite the fact that it makes no sense.

The Hole 3D

The Hole 3D Movie Review-There is something admirable in a horror movie that uses no blood or gore to titillate, but trying to rely on proven methods to drive a suspense chilling. "The Hole" is that the film and despite its flaws, it is perfect for that target audience - teenagers.The movie released during New york Film festival on 9, Oct 2010. 

Dane (Chris Massoglia), a grumpy teenager, and his younger brother Lucas (Nathan Gamble) travel with their mother alone in a house in the town. They become friends with their beautiful neighbor girl Julie (Haley Bennett). The three discover a hole in their basement that seems to be bottomless.

Young as they are, they do not tell their parents. But strange things start happening around them and the three will face the greatest atrocities of their lives - their personal fears.

personal demon that manifests itself by force is an old formula movies. From Andrei Tarkovsky "Solaris" of science-fiction movie "Sphere", there were endless films about the same.

The concept may not be original, but the performance, despite the cliches, seems so. What distinguishes "The Hole" is except that it pitches the same idea at a very young generation, with a very simple message - the greatest thing to fear is fear itself.
The Hole 3d
The movie does not go too high on the gore factor is a good thing considering the age of his audience. But unfortunately, that young viewers are already exposed to more gore because there is more blood in a video game 10-years older in this entire movie.Watch the exclusive trailer of movie on you tube or on  the official site of The Hole 3D Movie.
the hole 3d movie review
the hole 3d trailer
Yet the heart of the film is in the right place. It uses horror to convey the importance of fearlessness in the minds of its young audience. Instead of special effects and unnecessary faces composed of blood and excessive violence, he uses the perspective of horror by the constitutions of many false starts with all the cliches sound familiar to a horror movie as a tool for pass the chill.Enjoy this movie in blue ray or in  DVD release.

Whereas very few movies even try making this laudable effort 3D.

The movie is light on jargon or unnecessary philosophizing. "The Hole" is therefore a good decent movie to introduce children to the horror and, hopefully, there would be a sequel to it. It's a movie with full of potential.