Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Free Url Submissions (Addurl of blogspot)

Add your url to Google for free :

link : http://www.google.com/addurl/

- free submition
- manual submition
- best search engine ever
- Google indexes the text that is visible on any page that it crawls. It's a very good idea to write a good description of the page and build it around the most likely search term(s) and place that near the top of your page.Google uses a proprietary PageRank algorithm for determining relevance and ranking of pages in the search results.
The name PageRank is a trademark of Google. PageRank is derived in large part from the PageRanks of other pages.


Add your url to MSN for free :

link : http://search.msn.com/docs/submit.aspx

- free url submition
- manual submition
- MSN or The Microsoft Network
-The new MSN Search Engine has been launched in a beta format. MSN Search requires good relevant content and quality incoming links. MSN uses a "RankNet" technique based on "Neural Net" technology. MSN's neural network "learns" how to properly rank web pages on a consistent basis. RankNet helps to decrease the amount of spam web sites and splogs.


YahooAdd your url to Yahoo for free :

link : http://submit.search.yahoo.com/free/request

Type :
- free submition
- manual submition
- requires registration (you need to have a yahoo free account)
- free feed submission
- Anyone can use Standard submission to submit for free to a non-commercial category.If you use the free submit choice, there's no guarantee that your submission will be reviewed quickly or at all.


Add your url to dmoz for free :

link : http://www.dmoz.org/add.html

info :
- free submition
- manual submition
- do not submit sites "under construction."
- directory listings are maintained by editors and Robozilla is a web crawler who clean up the directory (search for sites who appear to have moved or disappeared)
- 5,287,541 sites - 72,089 editors - over 590,000 categories

Searchit.comSearch engine submission to Searchit.com for free

Add you link for free here

From Searchit privacy policy "SearchIt.com respects each individual’s right to personal privacy. We will collect and use information through our Web site only in the ways disclosed in this statement. This statement applies solely to information collected at SearchIt.com’s Web site."

Add your site to Exalead

- free submit link Add to Exalead
- searching 4,146,217,281 web pages.
- lots of futures.
- Google page rank 5

To submit your site to JDGO Search Engine
you must open this link :

JDGO Search Engine

Some things about JDGO search engine.
- "JDGO Search Engine offers its search engine technology on an "as is" basis."
- "Parental consent is not required to use our services. We will never give out contact information for any reason."
- "We will NOT give out user information to anybody."

Add your link for free to Mixcat directory.



- when you are submitting your site to the Mixcat Interactive Network you agree to receive the Mixcat emailer.
- adult sites will not be indexed.
- Mixcat has a google pagerank of 5
IceRocket logo

Add Your Blog to IceRocket.com



- IceRocket is pretty fast
- Submission Free
- Accept new submissions
- Supported XML feeds are : RSS, RDF and Atom.

Add your link to Freewebsitedirectory.com

Link to directory : http://www.freewebsitedirectory.com/

- Search Engine Friendly Free Website Directory
- All listings are editor approved
- Only unique, quality websites are accepted into the directory
- Google Page Rank: 3

You can suggest a web page URL for inclusion in the large Walhello index for free here:


- Google PageRank: 6
- News Search in news resources
- Picture Search
- A categorized Web Directory
- Product search of on-line shops
- An answering engine that answers specific questions
Free Url Submissions at Allfreethings.com

Add your link here : http://allfreethings.com/

- Google page rank for this website: 5
- 3804 listings in the All Free Things directory
- Email Address is a Required Field
- Adult sites are NOT ALLOWED.

Add Link to Aeiwi.com



- Google page rank : 4
- AEIWI contains about 600000 links.
- your page url must end with a "/"
- your page must also include at head tag which include a title tag, meta description and meta keywords tag.
- adult sites are allowed.

Add your link to Add URL-Free.com

Link : http://www.addurl-free.com/submit.php

- It is a free directory with approval within 20 days (reciprocals within 24 hours).
- Submit your website to one category only.
- No site with collection of affiliate links or Adsense scraper sites.

Add your website link to Sahfor Web Directory :

Link: http://www.sahfor.com/website.html

Add your RSS Feed to Sahfor.com

Link: http://www.sahfor.com/rss.html

Add the extension to your podcast:

Llink: http://www.sahfor.com/podcast.html

- email required
- free add last for 1 Month

Add url to VXbox :

Link registration :

- free listing
- editors will review your submission for inclusion in 1 day to 1 week for your site to be listed in VXbox database.
- Thumbnail option enabled when you provide a linkback
- VXbox Statistics : Websites - 39779, Categories - 885 until now
- Google PageRank: 6

  1. DMOZ.org
  2. ExactSeek.com
  3. Google.com
  4. Livesearching.net
  5. MSN.com
  6. ScrubTheWeb.com
  7. Search-O-Rama.com
  8. SearchSight.com
  9. SingingFish
  10. VXbox.com
  11. Yahoo.com
  12. Websquash.com
  13. Sahfor.com
  14. Add URL-Free.com
  15. Aeiwi.com
  16. Allfreethings.com
  17. Walhello Internet Search
  18. Free website directory
  19. IceRocket - add your feed here
  20. Mixcat Internet Website Directory
  21. JDGO Search Engine