Friday, August 31, 2012

Cocktail Movie Review

Deepika Padukone was always selected urban love stories, although their numbers were somewhat conservative, very balanced and very wild, they always take home with them. As an actor Om Shanti Om is amazing and your progress power in a neck cocktail with Saif Ali Khan with the right, nose, throat, and he almost stole the show.leaves audiences.

Although modest daughter of a wild Cheers, Frank and Veronica view last after opening my heart is through, you are forced to love her free spirit. A woman in a vulnerable position as cliched stories decomposes, but the best finale show that reverts are lost. As a winner in that role and no liability is initially
Cocktail Movie Review
Cocktail Movie
 Love stories have grown up, now a guy sleeps with a girl in a relationship is a problem, in the heart of this issue is sharing. Director Homi Adjani treated with teen gloves; three letters of hypocrisy not allow any treatment. There is a scene when Veronica drunk and Gautam, to my house, and my feelings toward her Veronica Veronica paranoia Gautam question is when he is angry no answer and I said I blurts.

Execution steps ", as it came and Gautams, but I need it like you best friend," he says at the end of the film, he said, many people visit your will be used, but none of you have used me as what you did last scenes of the accident was foreseeable. Deepika deja vu in such situations with the attitude of a slightly soft, friendly and show a clear means everything is fine.
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For this test, all awkwardness and be normal, see. Saif women seems a bit with age, but Deepika fine, and Diana is not even teenagers are, their speed, covered with high quality story. Boman Irani versatality is undeniable, humor and Dimple is beautiful in its role as a mother saw her son confusion, a strange, kinky is taken. Diana Penty is cute and appropriate for the role, but a little more polished than his reputation at work and gave credit to his character beautifully.
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Number servants are Tumhi rock, and this is a performance capture movie is your attention so that you rarely feel this story is how it ends. Deepika for the film look and you will fall in love with them. Beautiful camera, on location dialogue. Different people and their feelings that this cocktail is sure to give you a high. Just try role and operation of the lamp, take a bow.