Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Khatta Meetha 2010

Khatta Meetha is the latest Hindi movie directed by Priyadarshan. Khatta Meetha movie released on 23rd July, 2010 in Indian Cinemas. Akshay Kumar has played the role of a “Common Man” in Khatta Meetha movie.
Khatta Meetha 2010 film is a remake of Malayalam film "Vellanakalude Nadu" 1989. It was scripted by Sreenivasan and directed by Priyadarshan and starring Mohanlal, Shobana, Nedumudi Venu etc.

Akshay Kumar has acted the role of Sachin Tichkule in Khatta Meetha Hindi movie. Sachin Tichkule is a road contractor in a small town, Maharashtra. Sachin Tichkule is a simple Marathi Manoos. He wears sunglasses, formal shrit-paint, chappals and belt. He always carries a handbag and an umbrella. He travels in autos.
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Akshay Kumar has acted the role of a common man in Khatta Meetha Hindi movie inspired from the famous comic character of “Common Man” created by Times of India cartoonist, R. K. Laxman.

Trisha has played the role of Gehna Gampule in Khatta Meetha 2010 film. She is a Municipal Commissioner in this movie. She is an honest loving girl. She doesn’t like corruption. Gehna Gampule is a very strict and mature lady in Khatta Meetha movie.
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Markand Deshpande as Azad Bhagat, Rajpal Yadav as Rangeela, Manoj Joshi as Trigun Fatak, Neeraj Vora as Mr. Ganpule, Milind Gunaji as Suhas Vichare, Asrani as Karodimal, Aruna Irani as Sachin Tichkule’s mother, Urvashi Sharma as Anjali, Tinu Anand as Vishwas Rao and Kulbhusan Kharbanda as Ramakant Tichkule are the leading casts of Khatta Meetha movie.

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