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Resident Evil After Life Review

Resident Evil After Life 2010 Review-Resident Evil games are classic horror action games that scare you as they make you able to get zombie heads wide open. Resident Evil movies, other over-reliance on action and less time to create tension and realism. But this new movie Resident Evil does what other films rarely, it is often times gets compliments the atmosphere of the place of games.

Resident Evil after life 2010 is again about Alice, the zombie hunter now the man is trying to find a place called Arcadia shelter. She meets a group of uninfected humans who are trapped in a skyscraper that is surrounded by millions of zombies. Alice is also attacked by super villain Albert Wesker, a maniac who is very powerful now that Alice was also unstoppable once.
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This film has no interest in relationships of character development or character and it is very difficult when ever he tries to be serious and sentimental. The action scenes where the film excels, and it boasts some fun and break zombie gore. These scenes are great, but they are raised by the very impressive 3D. 3D in the film is sometimes jaw dropping, as in the scene Freeze Frame plane crash and the zombie bullet time shooting. I always complained about 3D is a tool unnecessarily film, but this movie has changed my view. If 3D is done well and pushed to its limits it can be very cool.

One problem I have with this film and past Resident Evil movies is Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter. Both are beautiful, of course, but both players are very low and even if this film does not require Oscar winners would not hurt to have a leading lady who is not boring. The choices are expressed mostly boring except for a choice, Went-worth Miller as a game hero Chris retfields. As a big fan of Prison Break I love the guy, but here it shines and easy for everyone to cool on screen, but unfortunately it is put in a position to co-star. Miller is great and it proves that a good actor, even with the lower story of their character could significantly improve this franchise.
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This is the fourth installment of the franchise and a film is much improved. But is 3D and Went-worth Miller who elevate this franchise tired and poorly cast.

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