Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Going the Distance movie 2010

Nanette Burstein's Going the Distance (2010) is a romantic comedy that tries to mix the raunchiness of a typical production from Judd Apatow with the sweetness of a typical "chick flick". But the mix is not something that you will eventually appreciate or may be proposed as a blow correct date.
Drew Barrymore is Erin, a summer internship in a New York newspaper which meets not so cute with the new dumped Garrett (Justin Long). After gluing on info bar, the couple, but Erin is reluctant to get too attached as she returned to California in six weeks. The relationship, however, is going very well, leaving both absolutely miserable when she goes home to finish graduate school. They visit each other as often as possible, but will neither be the one to move between countries to stay together, that the question the other priorities as well as their own.
Director Nanette Burstein is best known for his feature-length documentaries (like The Kid Stays in the Picture, American Teen), which were well made. Unfortunately, she left her first feature narrative become out of control in a hurry. Mostly the film is flat. It's funny, and the actors are all fine, but it never seems to really take on the life and the entire conflict in the long-distance relationship does weight well beyond being a catalyst for the plot cliche. At times, you can see the real potential of this material, especially with the friendly Barrymore and Long as the son. And some of the secondary characters are fun. Television actors Jason Sudeikis and his buddies play Charlie Day, Christina Applegate and Jim Gaffigan are his sister and brother-in-law. But their presence distract the story, situations and get sillier and grime that the movie goes along.
When it's not confusing or irritating, if the film tends to work. It was an inspired decision to cast a real couple that both son and it worked pretty well. Long and Barrymore have chemistry excellent and play well off each other, and, finally, it is one of the most credible screen romances for a while

Going the Distance made good potential to be a romantic comedy, but unfortunately the opportunity seems lost here.

Director: Nanette Burstein

Producer: Jennifer Gibgot, Jared Hess and Adam Shankman

Cast: Drew Barrymore, Jason Sudeikis,Justin Long, Christina Applegate and Charlie Day

Music: Mychael Danna

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