Thursday, February 17, 2011

Burlesque Movie

Burlesque movie review-Burlesques movie tells the story of a retired dancer Tess (Cher), who owns the Burlesque Lounge. It is her struggle to live the drama between the artistic and financial challenges.

Meanwhile, Ali Rose (Christina Aguilera) enters the scene with a small town background. She leaves her waitress dress to prove his talent on stage. She goes to Tess and tries to impress with attempts have failed. However, it is chosen a waitress Tess. But the big dream of Ali and his impressive vocal pianist Jack (Cam Gigandet), which allows him to crash at his place.
One day, Ali's talent is revealed by Nikki (Kristen Bell) and she turned the center of attraction of a shrewd businessman named Marcus Gerber (Eric Dane). Gerber wants to acquire the salon Tess, but that does not go well with Jack, who is unsure of his feelings for Ali.
You can watch online exclusive trailer of the movie on youtube or megavideo.The leading cast of the move are Christina Aguilera, Cher, Alan Cumming, Cam Gigandet, Kristen Bell, Eric Dane and Stanley Tucci. Cher has achieved good results, but Aguilera was at her best vocal form often shouting her undisputed vocal prowess. He has a very predictable scenario with some shots to advance the story. Stanley Tucci gives a great performance as a manager Sean, who stands as a pillar of strength for Tess. It is a treat for fans of Cher homosexuals.

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