Friday, September 2, 2011

Super 8 Movie Review

The 2-D Movie Super 8 is fantasy-adventure movie directed by JJ Abrams. The movie has an original story with full entertainment. The movie is about conspiracy of science fiction, reverting, adventure, coming of age, young love and buddy. The special effects are superb but not used according to scene.

Abrams scenario operates on a predictable rate. The film tinkers dozens of movie references, but not enough emotion. The director brings an element of the biography of Super 8 by exploding on the scene of the late 70s and early 80s.

Super 8 is set in 1979 and was shot full of such pop-cult secrets. It also allows for a well-deserved dose of nostalgia when it comes to music, clothes, attitudes and technology. The movie contains several ideas that populate the films of Spielberg's family-oriented. But it is a little faster, more accurate and incisive than the films of Spielberg.
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Joe Lamb (Joel Courtney) is a 14 year old boy who lost his mother in an accident at the steel plant. Father of Joe (Kyle Chandler) tries to send it to the camp for the summer, but Joe refuses to go. He wants to help his friend (Riley Griffiths) Charles ends their Super 8 movie project, a zombie movie they plan to enter a local competition. Joe, Charles and three of their friends are filming a scene at an empty train station one night when they witness a spectacular train wreck and inexplicable. Over the next few days, strange things start to happen to Lillian: All dogs are fleeing the city in packs, and microwave and car engines disappear overnight. Soon, swarm of armed military police of the city, closing the investigation of deputy sheriff with menacing non sequitur.
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The debutant actors bring credibility to the film without luggage. The one with the most experience is Elle Fanning and Super 8 will improve its reputation. Joel Courtney shows quieter than one might reasonably expect. Ryan Leehas delivered outstanding performance and offset representation provides comic relief.

Super 8 title refers to a movie format that Spielberg used off as a kid. The movie can be a good entertainer for children and their parents.

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