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Kahaani Movie 2012

Kahanni is latest thriller drama movie directed by Sujoy Ghosh. The story of the movie revolves around screaming painful women i.e Vidya Balan leading Character of the movie which attract and gets your total attention. Vidya Balan acting fascinates audience completely and more and less credit goes to the author titled Kahaani. She moves Kolkata to London for finding her missing husband; she is anxious, but not at all holds his pain on his sleeve. Actually, she shows herself to enjoy the searching work so that her character is in risk of being separate and unresponsive.

It Parambrata Chatterjee and distribute a magnificent friendship and there are times when the director [Sujoy Ghosh] proves that the character is not formal. Vidya offer her character strength and complication and that Parambrata Rana presents his role a sense of warmness and honesty.
Kahaani Movie 2012
Kahaani Movie Full
In a dialogue Vidya says she feels pregnant again after losing the baby and we as an audience, even after leaving the theater can not imagine it without the belly, which is the amount of credibility of the actor gave to his profession and the director on his part also neatly viewer to identify with Rana, you want to hold her hand and help him through these streets and hunting for her husband.

Kahaani is a complex and difficult story to tell, everything falls into place, but only wish the title was better. The performances are fascinating right down to the last character if his condition, business or indifference .. it makes you feel compassion for human frailty.
Kahaani Movie Review
Kahaani Movie 2012 Online
The leading character a woman give you an idea about daring, cleverness, and courage, the director keep away from the mawkish and over-romantic dialogues and centers on script intelligent .. It’s not a showy role that any actor would pass away for woman, but surely a role of stuff. Kolkata becomes a character too.

In Dirty Picture, Vidya's character was modeled after the Silk Smita and she had the pressure of living up to it. Here she is just beautiful, it does its job effortlessly and takes you without judgment. Comment Big B at the end is worthy, the flavor of the city, color, pride and power all come to life, Vidya Balan is truly the heroin of the film. Kudos to the technical direction and do not give this one a miss.

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