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Blood Money Movie Review

Are you believer of idealism? Do you trust that it is your liability to put the method true, to perform your bit exclusive of any anticipation? We make out you don't have to honor, you don't want to be hyped, it's just in you, in your nurture to question something wrong and if you fit in to such a concurring family then you are headed for problem. Mind your business and take pleasure in life and don't try to grow to be a Mahatma. This is an advice brilliantly explained and warned by Manish Choudhary in Blood Money.

In a stylish but a evil act as Zaveri the head of a diamond company is glad and really happy with his fresh employee Kunal (Kunal Khemu), a MBA who finds an employment in Cape Town however when this employee become aware of the initial large fraud and criticizes to his boss regardless of a warning by his coworker, he is treated to an Italian food and over the luncheon the chief gives him a choice.."Get pleasure from the meal, this chance and experience good about it or choice two..Get into the kitchen and observe for yourself as to how the fish has been cooked. Is it clean or freezing stale? Has the roast damaged gloves and in what circumstances he made the meal and you might not like the meal."

Blood Money Movie
Blood Money Movie review

In the after that one second you notice Kunal preferred choice one, and he finds himself trapped into furious bloody deals. He has no far-out, his friend advises him and if he has to go back to Mumbai it will be in a coffin.   

Does that repeat you of Satyam Ramalinga Raju who was riding a tiger and having no knowledge that how to get down it with no being eaten? The wife Arzoo persuasively represented by Amrita Puri doles out a tale of Hansel and Gretel and Kunal quickly understands the witch in the chocolate house is Zaveri. Amidst blackmailing, obvious hints, the youngster who is trapped in the web of lavishness, deceit, crime begins to revolution and the remaining story is about what is in store for him.
Blood Money Movie Online
blood money movie bollywood

Watch this movie with a broad mind and you will admire it. The end scene of the movie is a spoiler for viewer who has seen Naam but viewer of this age group will definitely like it. There are pretty a little flaws but stay it aside and get pleasure from the movie. The director directs to hold your concentration for a very big part of the movie.

Amrita Puri is attractive except the temple scene where she does the pooja and talks to her wounded husband and says that I don’t want to go Mumbai to vidhva banke is unintelligent and very funny.
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blood money movie songs

Manish Choudhary is remarkable, for revolutionize a pleasant fresh villain who not at all overdoes his act. Kunal Khemu is very good actor, demonstrate lots of promise and could well be a well-liked actor if he selected the correct projects. Why one more song following the movie is over and the viewers is starting to walk away?

An appealing movie, those who have seen a lot of thrillers might not be amazed with the twists and turns except for others this could be a first-class time-pass movie. Not a horrific movie at all.

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