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Aiyyaa Movie Review

After seeing "Aiyyaa" we feel really bad for Rani Mukerji is definitely made better movies. In fact, even in terms of promoting it went tirelessly movie. However makers are simply not justified roping is a talent like him, and I hope that he would be good enough for a successful movie. It is some of the content that is to be expected, and ironically, "Aiyyaa" or the commercial sector does not explore the artistic as possible.

You can almost sense the movie can not really bring in the desired direction to Rani Madhuri Dixit, Sridevi and Juhi Chawla in the dream sequence turns out to be abrupt. There is an effort to bring funniness through the family, but it will give such treatment cliche that really Rani be unsure how to carry on in this the movie really as long as two hours and a half.
Aiyyaa Movie

Aiyyaa Movie review
aiyyaa movie 2012
When Rani gets a job at the College of Arts and colleague of his really annoying will be introduced, you will begin to get an idea of the movie quickly losing ground in the first round of the self-same. "Bizarre" is about the word to describe the chain of events that take placing here. First of all, this is a long string into a stage where he talks about Rani "sapney" his new friend. It is expected that the entrance to her dream man, Prithviraj, can change things for the better, but even sniff Rani and hunting does not cause either.

Actually, it all becomes so cyclical that you end up questioning what the director Sachin Kundalkar and his squad is expressively fond of to the parties that they had silently shot. The unrequited love just goes on and on, and again, and if the propose is to make feelings slowly, the fact is, that the public has only missing tolerance. Entry groom planned history Subodh Bhave, because it is understood that the movie would catch a humorous direction, but as a substitute, they will slide around.
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The movie completely breaks down in the second half. Thus, Rani out a couple of formal events focused on her marriage to a strange turn when his brother married his colleagues in a difficult situation, which is not really proven to be a nose dive "Aiyyaa" and is how. In movie does not push you to the arrival of the anthem songs like "Dreamum Wakeupum", and "Aga BAI is not celebrated that their layout is also a clear case of arrears.

September you may still be present in this movie is strange that Rani Mukerji gives you the entire role. I wonder how it will actually keep a straight face in this movie, because the right to receive his schedule to come right belly dancing and other antics of "Masala", it is just perfect. What Prithviraj, he is hardly a role to brag about and wonder if he would continue more Hindi movies.

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