Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tanu weds Manu Review and Wallpapers

Tanu weds Manu is the latest Hindi Movie.The movie released on 25 February 2011 in Indian Cinemas.The movie is directed by Anand Ravi.The leading cast of the movie 'Tanu weds Manu' are R Madhvan and Kangna Ranuat,Eijaz Khan,Ravi Kishan,Swara Bhaskar,Jimmy Sherigill and Deepak Dobriyal.This is a romantic movie with comedy touch.Tanu weds Manu movie songs are very beautiful with 'Punjabi Bhangra' touch.

The movie begins with a lively dialogue and as spiritual (and perfect delivery by the actors) that everyone in the audience was laughing at each dialogue replacement. Alternate dialogue just because laughter previous dialogue had not appeased for us to hear the next. Yep, even if I did not hear half the dialogue in the first half, I was well entertained.

All this, I'm still looking my best to get used to Kangna Ranaut as Tanu. Well, I do not think I ever installed on this count. It is very difficult to shake off the question of what if someone else was playing up, noisy, a small town girl who does not know what to do with all the male attention she receives. Then, Kangna almost passed in traditional Indian clothing and makeup, I do not think she can do long dialogues. Almost all the dialogue is as if it were a tongue twister for her. Even if it deserves all brands to try something out of his comfort zone, some lines are given to his wasted because it does not fit the bill.
On the other hand is perfectly Madhavan skin of an NRI who is on his journey "girl-seeing in India in doubt, coming out, and embarrassed by all the pampering. But this act with cowardice loses its charm pretty quickly and becomes repetitive. The rest of the characters are uninteresting in spurts. It is simply because they did not get the attention of the writer, if they had the potential to capture yours. It's sad because I was sitting among a crowd that cheered Ravi Kissen and Deepak Dobriyal in their early stages.
Of course, the main characters of the movie Tanu weds Manu are written in detail, but the plot fails. You barely care Tanu. The character she is, you do not think she deserves everything she wants from life. She is so oblivious to the uproar it caused in the lives of others. And a specimen of the kind that Manu is you want him to get Tanu, only because that's what he wants, you know this is not the best thing for him. These are interesting things, because the protagonists are characters gray, but somehow it seems halfway.
There are also plenty happening in the movie other than the superficial. You have a Che Guevara admirer who does things just to be called a rebel. While the other with a Guevara poster in his room spreads a value system that makes you do things just so that your parents are happy. This gives an inch because he is nice and the people around him take a yard and more. Either they mingle and manage his life or misuse his kindness. This is a scratch on the surface of the struggle of this generation - and be nice diversion or use and be mean. At the same time, married Tanu Manu tries to show how the definition of love is different for each person.
Tanu Manu married trying to say a thing or two about society and change equations. For example, one between a wife and later married to an Indian wedding. And all this with some great music that will completely with the tone of the movie. Unfortunately, the tone changes and policy makers have no such right.

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