Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thankyou Movie and Wallpapers

Thank you is a farce from the start, there's nothing funny in the movie, except for some minor dialogue, it all depends on what mood you watch the film. If you are blessed with very little sense of humor will laugh at this comedy for adults, but otherwise looks dull affair, which is a rehash of three Telugu films with a straight face.

Anees Bazmee has no idea if the women are friendly, sorry, sorry, shameless to accept the return of their husbands repent, or why they show women to be regressive? What woman cut her wrists and die if she catches her husband in their romantic flirtation with another woman? The husband now realize he had lost all swear to give their husbands a lesson topics here and reunite their family.
Thankyou Movie

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All women are stinking rich, live in huge places, and nothing else except to have loving husbands. One of them dance to his whims and fantasies and made tea at 3 o'clock in the morning, she gets one vote and her husband lost his only success when it cheats and transfer its assets to his name. Moral of the story is a woman raise her voice if she has a solid guarantee behind, otherwise it is ready to be tortured, beaten by him with a belt. Here, the husband is Irfan Khan, cool, funny, funny, cruel and it is the best lines in the film are reserved.
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Sonam Kapoor is an anorectic person, who takes happiness in fasting for Karvea Chauth in spite of the separation of research, there is a role argument. She loves her partner and his hopes for the treatment of a day with the help of Akshay Kumar. It was not a range of emotions to display as it did with Ayesha, here it is limited to crying and looking shocked.

Celina Jaitly is the under utilization of the three and is completely lost. The film shows that men can learn to be the case and can repair the damage by shaking only women, women are emotional, gullible fools in the film, who are willing to give marriage a second and third attempt, Despite the findings in bed with someone else.
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Akshay Kumar does not demonstrate his bodily ability here; as an alternative he puts a hat and a flute and makes women pursue him similar to the Pied Piper. Bobby Deol, Sunil Shetty each have accurately single moment of brilliancy mainly the latter when he tells Irfan Khan in the way a woman keeps a distance between a friend and boyfriend.
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The most absurd of the movie is towards the ending where Akshay Kumar is asked to disclose his past and he goes out with a wonderful cry story that will be that you're running towards the exit door. The film has two things going on, men are vagrants and women cry on his shoulder Akshay Kumar for help. Ask what Vidya Balan planned to do in this multi - it filled with cacophony and nonsense.

As mentioned above, thank you is not for people who value their time and money, is for those who laugh at the joke and stupid idiotic expression.

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