Sunday, May 8, 2011

No Problem Movie and Wallpapers

The latest movie with a bunch of Bollywood actors in No problem is a giant farce directed by Anees Bazmee. The man has truly gone bust with ideas, if a non-sense is the story that even a grade three student can achieve something clever and funny. One might ask why make this film, if it is meant to make people laugh, the jokes fall flat, is trying to tickle your self as the plot goes for a draw and returns in the final scenes should be dismantled and deconstructed.

Sanjay Dutt looks like he has done a favor Bazmee acting in this game called comics, Anil Kapoor would have continued to watch his Slum Dog Millionaire DVD and should not have come out of retirement. Sushmita Sen who plays the wife of Anil Kapoor, suffers from a split personality on the fact that each scene and each term and when it does nothing, it ends up looking like a tree more dressed Christmas throwing sickles, hammers and what you have to unsuspecting husband and tolerant.
No Problem Movie
Kangana Ranaut has apparently gained weight, trying to make a Barbie with her ​​false eyelashes and a fringe, Neetu Singh in her frightful costumes short few attempts waterfalls, across a large group of actors making fun of themselves. Try not looking for a story as there is that you understand that there are some people trying to steal the diamonds, there are cops trying to catch them. The setting is in Durban, and all wild encounter with a gorilla do the impossible and the landing of diamonds in the belly of the fish.
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No problem has no soul, no structure, bad music, but the beautiful cinematography. Spoil yourself by plugging your ears and take a good sleep of winter bite.

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