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Haunted 3D Movie Review and Wallpapers

Vikram Bhatt have managed to add the illusion of depth in each image of Haunted with modern 3D technology, but its history remains hollow.

It could have its credit India stereoscopic film first, but unfortunately he can not avoid stereotypes in its storytelling.

The story of the movie begins when a real state broker Rehan (Mahaskshay) has to come to sell an old haunted house on his father directions, situated in a secluded hill. The old style of movie, Ramu kaka goalkeeper is substituted by an alternative dresser, whose first words on seeing Rehan is "bahut der kar di Aane Mein Tune beta '. Lights flashing, doors creaking, falling chandelier, a former photo, piano rustic hanging corpse screams in a song number inviting 3 clock cycles, the ghost is trying every trick in the trade for make its presence felt. Unfortunately, his attempt does not have the "spirit".
Haunted 3D Movie
The story of the movie revolves around the Tia Bajpai (Mera), an 80 year’s old latter, still survives in a state, and reveals a fast flashback and how she was cruelly raped by the spirit of his piano teacher (Arif Zakaria). The whole movie is controlled in a haunted house. Even though the lack of contact staff, Rehan is still adequately inspired by the simple communication centenarians, to help Meera.
Haunted 3D Movie cast
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Haunted 3D Movie story
To add a little variety to the "dead" story, Bhatt brings time travel picture as Rehan back in time and flashbacks all repeats. With that, the memories of the recent real horrible action movie Replayy strikes your mind, but fortunately Bhatt not spoil things too badly.
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Haunted 3D Movie review
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So, Vikram brings you reverse to 1920 or some time like to revive the romance superfluous. In this movie director uses the theme of time travel a bit too literally and brings basics of horror where primitive ghosts were half-burnt rubber masked zombies or "blue-eyed boys" movies Ramsay. Caches, magic potions, scary ghost comes across in everything you can associate with that time.

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