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Don 2 Movie

Don 2 is a classic action / thriller that does not let go, even for a moment. More importantly, the plot was finely crafted, with every twist and turn fall into place like a complicated puzzle, but sloppy. With a fabric that goes on a cross country tour - Thailand, Malaysia, Zurich, Berlin - the movie challenges you to jump on board the high speed and scuttle carefully follow the exploits of its glamorous gangsters. One that oscillates between two avatars - Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible) and James Bond - without losing its charisma Desi.

The highlight of the movie is the delimitation of Shah Rukh's character Don. The actor interprets it as an arrogant, reckless, agile, nasty and wild that most bizarre schemes up his sleeves. But that's not all. It also has the audacity to carry them out. Off from the peak of the first film, the gangster resurfaced in Thailand after an appropriate period of time, creating chaos and then, in an unprecedented and inexplicable, surrenders before his former enemies (COP Roma), only to be sent to an uncomfortable prison. Get ready for a breath in prison break sequence, where our Maverick escapes with another old enemy, Vardhan (Boman Irani).
Don 2

Don 2 Movie
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The rest of the movie is essentially the execution of a meticulous plan when the duo decides to rob the Germans of their currency plates. Easier said than done, but with the cunning Don, do not worry, no mission is impossible. ShahRukh is in command and never loses his footing or through the dramatic scenes, or by the action cuts. But of course, we do not know the actor has always enjoyed playing despite its bad image of romantic hero. Remember Darr and Baazigar, two of his memorable movies?

The action is the point of sale of other attractive movie of Farhan Akhtar. The lawsuits, fighting, demolition, destruction, burglary, escape were all done with a finesse that rivals the best of Hollywood. Look at the car chase between Priyanka and Shah Rukh and you get the point. It's not just high voltage flowing with a passion that makes it seem almost like foreplay. Other notable sequences include robbery, escape and Shah Rukh larger than life jumping from a skyscraper while his assassin wrings his hands in dismay.
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Don 2 Movie Review

The film not has a bit of affecting intelligence and affairs are almost not given a chance to go up. But very soon when you think it is all jingle and fury, there is a sensual tango between Roma and the Don as the cop make a decision to help the criminal she once loved and the gangster is determined to save his Junglee billi ( wild cat), anyhow. A Word on the dialogues: brilliant. A word about the music: mediocre (Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy).

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