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Ladies vs Ricky Bahl Movie Review

Ricky (Ranveer Sigh) The name, prominently made its presence felt in the title is revealed in the very last scene of the film. Because it is a rogue profession changes its identity through the day. And as the title, the viewer is openly informed of job profile of Ricky Bahl if people around him take some time to understand it.

So Ricky (Ranveer Singh) is sunny, Dev, Iqbal for the girls who he different disadvantages in individual cases. Charm or intelligence, he uses everything works best advantage to defraud the unsuspecting target. But three of his female victims - Raina (Dipannita Sharma), Dimpy (Parineeta Chopra) and Saira (Aditi Sharma) team up to avenge him.

They hire the services of a vendor smart Ishika (Anushka Sharma) using as bait to trap the crook. Ishika posed as the daughter of an NRI hotelier who is on a business visit to Goa to invest in real estate. The idea is to draw it into a business partnership and its riches rip off for revenge. But when Cupid strikes and everything happens for a draw.
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The film begins impressive and comes to the point, without wandering aimlessly. Sometimes it seems too convenient for the victims of a party out of their money at the drop of a hat. And therefore, it seems more practical for a crook Ricky certified as to fall for the trap set by the gang girl. However, the games are con-net and executed with such speed that you never have time to notice any loose ends. Since we are familiar with the crook from the beginning, all major element of suspense in the plot is excluded.

Structurally the film recalls the Hollywood movie John Tucker Must Die, with its story of three girls trying to get even with a guy in him setting up with another girl. What saves it from entering the chick-flick mode is that girls are not only betrayed in love, but also in companies and their mechanism of revenge against smarter involves temporary cheap-thrills. This scenario takes Devika Bhagat is a cut above (although the peak is suggestive of religious work early in Bachna Ae Haseeno, where Ranbir Kapoor seeks the forgiveness of three girls). As Ranveer-Anushka chemistry smooching seems directly derived from their latest film strip Baaja Baaraat.
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The major snag in this otherwise engaging film is that it is prey to the trappings typical of Bollywood. As the romance takes over the con-games, the film Smart-n-nasty is substituted with a warm tale where the scammer wants to come clean and change his ways for that one girl in life. It's a lame climax and an end conventional. The graph of the narrative falls somewhere in the second half and sinks even more stupid as you realize the mixture with Cupid may not be the best of ideas. Fortunately, the pace is perfect and the film never seems strained.
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Regardless of its imperfections, director Maneesh Sharma managed to find a constant connection with the public and also dig up straight performances from the whole cast. Ranveer Singh plays the role of  multiple personalities scammer naturally radiates charm like you do not blame the ladies falling for him. Anushka Sharma seems to be affable, but a smile pasted on her face standards sometimes seems exaggerated. However, it is appealing in his act and appearance. Fortunately, three other ladies never eclipsed. Dipannita Sharma is amazingly confident. Aditi Sharma is endearing. Debutante Parineeta Chopra as blabbermouth gets the best lines and she never exaggerates Punjabi Kudi party.

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