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Dangerous Liaisons 2012 Review

It may be a fluke accident that the film celebrates attractive version based on the 1985 Christopher Hamilton stage Choderlos de Laclos novel of the eighteenth century, was made long before the writer shamefully talented young actors and creative team of this generation was born. Maybe they have never seen, or maybe they decided to avoid preconceived impressions of how the story and characters may arise, preferably taking drama Drollas Christina and make themselves very successfully.

Mainly I was worried that the operator takes the daunting task of playing the character key, Vicomte de Valmont to give the presentation shrink precious is wrong to try to be John Malkovich. Fortunately, using a clever and witty script, Ziad Samaha, when there is a great one, worthy of fatally seductive and irresistible Viscount, and a powerful one that charmer, though never how and seducer, also gave a really comic. Instead of appearing as an evil villain, intent to destroy his career, Viscount arrogance and apparent indifference when he plays with his prey, almost juvenile, even though it is the most adult games. You can not help but like him.
Dangerous Liaisons 2012
dangerous liaisons 2012 review

Knowing the history and are ready laughter that became the first act, I'm wondering how the changing fortunes and feelings of characters who know how and humor that there can be converted effectively into the necessary pathos at the end of the dark and tragic final scenes. Again, the cast does not disappoint. They gave moving performances, which have shown very clearly that the destruction of the vicious game is played Vicomte and Marquise de Merteuil work. Although it does not reduce to enjoy the room, I was very aware of two distinct halves to produce a little light on the heart, played for laughs, the other a clear dark and dramatic. Intentionally, I'm sure, but I felt a little disjointed.
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The only other criticism would be that the second act felt a little rushed. Having a familiar character in the first half, warmed up, even though I, Viscount, and decided instead to hate Marquise, I wanted more time, the game is a tragic conclusion to prove the sea change in their characters, and feel a little moved by the fate of a hit. But maybe that's the point. Feeling too, is in the end destroys the viscount, and denial is what makes the Marquise, "continue", even though the cold and lonely in the world he created for himself.

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