Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

The book of Revelation, it is true that in Silent Hill: REVELATION 3D is that it manages to be worse than the first film. This thing is a nightmare, but not in the way the producers intended. This is a puzzle draining chore and really inept piece of junk all, but it seems his contempt for the public with each passing minute. Walk, my hopes were not very lofty, but they were not in the flicker either. It looked impractical that the summarize Christophe Gans annoying and joyless version of the admired 2006 series is a disappointment as it appears to be the first jurisdiction.

The film begins with Heather teenage nightmares ghost, covered the city in ash. Heather is really Sharon, granddaughter of the first film, which is a constant jump your way to his father Christopher, ever changing its name and identity to escape. Something, Mom will not let me - or dead - Silent Hill, but now Heather has visions of his creepy town and you do not know what they mean, but it certainly is not good. Eventually, Christopher grabbed a stranger, and Heather / Sharon is a venture into a hellish landscape to find.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D review
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On the way Silent Hill is Vincent, a new friend and the guy lost his soul, which feels strangely eager to Heather with her mission. Along the way they encounter a variety of strange visions of monsters, cultists, and other totems and sinister characters, such as muscle, Pyramid Head ridiculous mining, which is a problem in the huge task of his machete / sword, one wonders why he did not just pick a little smaller. Pyramid Head is obviously an important game Boogeyman old, but its appearance in the film is anything but scary, it looks like a pyramid in his drink and he gets away.

A bit like the first film, the production design and cinematography can not be blamed. If anything, it's a shame that these units went through so much trouble to make a movie this bad looks so good. Well, maybe "good" is not a word, as the movie is in fact a series of dull, miserable set pieces that are memorable in the slightest, but they sure seem convincing hellish.
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Silent Hill: Revelation 3D 2012 trailer

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Persuasive is not about act movie, such as the whole cast feels fascinated and tight. Young Mrs. Clemens, God bless her mind, are not destined to do something other than Heather Michelle Williams mimic, puzzled. The actress has simply disappeared, and it certainly will not find a life preserver thrown to her film. Even the typically hard players such as beans and Carrie-Anne Moss - play dull movie, white-haired villain - are quite unable to do anything material to them. Only Malcolm McDowell, as usual, you can count on to inject some energy in his crazy cameo, but his arrival in the film often provokes laughter annoyed.

Every spiritual experience of horror Silent Hill: REVELATION 3D, you can put this passion in his pocket, it's sad to watch, sometimes, the images appear, in fact, rely on self as opposed to pop out of the screen. The only attractive utilize of this form is when the ash flakes create their mean across the screen, but these cases are uncommon. End of the year, however, you do not much care, because you have a dream, to numb the experience or watch the EXIT sign always attractive.

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