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To Rome with Love Review

"To Rome with Love" who cares about release date, it is a romantic comedy by Woody Allen in English and interpreted by Woody Allen, Alec Baldwin, Roberto Benigni, Penelope Cruz and Judy Davis.

Love and romance come in different shapes and sizes. But the privilege usual commercial cinema to keep us hooked on something, "Ever After" or "never" kind of romance. Thus, the main difference between the love stories that most Hollywood 1930 1940 and they are now, is just one of aesthetics or emotions or morals.

Then there is Woody Allen. Over the past 40 years, it has been difficult for our perceptions of love, romance, sex and lust. "Rome with Love", "it is again. Manager has not lost his voice, when he leaves one of his most powerful films of recent years.
to rome with love
to rome with love review
In ancient Rome, many people fall in love with special things. Music producer at retirement (Woody Allen) find out the toilet to sing opera would be the father of her daughter-in-law. Old architect (Alec Baldwin) recalls his love affair with his girlfriend and her affair with her best friend short. The common man (Roberto Benigni) falls in love with is famous for being famous. '

Recently married and moved to Rome, find a couple of short sex with strangers, and therefore their love for each other and their small town.

Love is often said to be eternal. And one of Rome's nicknames is the "eternal city". Rome, Allen, is the perfect setting for the eternal feeling of what we call "love." Allen, as always, to wake you up to ask is, what love is, how it differs from lust and sex, which is the love of something as pristine as the reputation of a person or a voice.
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Allen weaves different stories with different themes, all fun and they all have a touch of surrealism and Kafka a little more than a touch of melancholy. Previously, he could have a wide variety of films for each of these stories. But it is old and has seeped into the nostalgia of life. This may be the reason for this mixture, call it a love story four, if you want.

He decides his own swiftness in all the stories, speeding up jointly to contemplate at the same time.

However, one of the best "To Rome with Love", the movie, is that it takes the "old man", as it is a modern cinema commercial morality.
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In one story, a married man to have sex with a prostitute, but at the same time with his wife is an actress and is the temptation to sleep with him. In the hands of a "take-no-risk" profit-making cinema, he would experience a "virgin Madonna." Hand-Allen, he is like one of us could see the day. Allen prevent sleeping actor ("God thank you," a righteousness among us say), but he is sleeping with someone other an encounter hilarious.You can watch its trailer Online.

The last time you had a heroine of a commercial film, so in-remorsefully snooze two men had a great film of 1933 "Design for Living". Morality in current times, have gone away, but the film has decided to stay in the discipline-mortise on the subject.

Romance and love can take many forms. And it is this variety that reaches a light, airy, fun, and sometimes nostalgic way distribution, in particular self-produced commendable performance.

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